Cubase IC Pro Sluggish

I’m using the app on an Ipad 3. So I think there’s enough power there to run the app. But it just seems to be somewhat slow to respond when moving between screens. Not quite the “Apple” experience.

Anyone else experience this?


No one finds it sluggish? When I scroll from key command screen to screen it doesn’t really “slide” like most apps. It just flicks to the next page. But it’s sluggish when doing this. That’s what I’m talking about.

I’d really like to know if this is expected behavior or if there’s something wrong with the app or my ipad.


Just saw a video on youtube and noticed the app performing just like mine does. So I suspect the app itself is not designed such that everything moves about fluidly when swiping between screens.

Sure hope SB looks at polishing this up.


Hey Rich, Got Link?

When I first load Cubase & IC Pro, both sides (Cubase & the iPad) run REALLY smoothly. However, it appears if the iPad is disconnected and/or goes into ‘sleep’ mode, Cubase gets confused… It becomes VERY ‘jerky’, works for 0.5 second, then pauses for 1 second. The only way I’ve found to reset it, is to restart my laptop - not very conducive to the creative process…

It’s sluggish here as well with iPad Air.