Cubase iC Pro WebSocket Error Help!

Hi! I have a problem when connecting Cubase iC Pro.

Hi! I have a problem when connecting Cubase iC Pro. I do everything according to the instructions, but does not see Iphone4 workstation. Connecting through Wi fi tried to register the static ip address. IPhone pinged. But when trying to connect with the indication of ip addresses, is an error.

index_release.html WebSocket Error

I note that, Cubase iC connected. But I want that Pro!

My OS: - Windows 7 X64Bit Pro
Cubase 7.0.6 X64
Steinberg SKI Remote
Bonjour service is running.

I can not understand what the problem is. The firewall is turned off. Devices on the network can see each other.
Please help! I can not solve the problem for a week!



Very sorry about the delay!

What do you mean exactly by “registering the static ip address”?
Could you make a screenshot or a copy-paste of the output of ipconfig in cmd?


Here is my config on the computer.

Here is my config on the Iphone.

Between the computer and the device, the connection is.

Of course I am connected to the ip address I changed the subnet to connect. Screenshots previously made are not relevant. But the problem still is cleared.

Maybe the ports on which the program works occupied by another application?