Cubase iC Pro with Nuendo?

I can’t seem to find much info, but does the Cubase iC Pro work to control Nuendo? I’m doing final mix in a planetarium and need to be able to walk around while mixing and using transport controls. I could whip up an OSC controller, but this would be way easier. I’d just like to see if anyone has it working before spending $17. Thanks!


yes it works nicely.

What John said, it works great! john.

Works perfect, but no surround panner option, unfortunately.

Good luck.


A surround panner would be nice



it would be marvelous! I just saw a guy doing surround pan on PT using iPad / app with ease and I felt kind of sad.
It is surprising that there are still no dedicated controller app(s) for Nuendo on horizon…

+1 some years later