I’ve bought the IC PRO control for my ipad, very nice app but:
I think there is no synch between the IC mixer and the daw mixer, when i select a channel on the daw the IC does not select the channel and vice-versa.
Am I doing something wrong? Why the channel selection on the daw does not follow the channel selection on the IC, and why when i touch a channel on the ipad it does not select the same channel on the daw mixer?
Without this function the IC pro is not so useful.

I think what you mean is.
When you touch one of the channels or faders it doesn’t highlight as it would on the desktop cubase.
Also touching a fader doesn’t then shift that highlight to the channel your touching, instead staying where it is on the desktop cubase.
This means that if you have any motor faders or contextual control devices like the cc121 for example it won’t high light the channel and activate the ability to control it.
Basically you have to select it with your mouse on the desktop or use arrow keys, you can however use the app shortcut buttons for Left Right if your on the mixer screen or Up and Down if your on the project window.

That answer statement was way longer than it needs to be I apologise.

Short version.
Yes your are right it doesn’t
Only way to do it with the app is with the short cut bubbles left right up down. :slight_smile:

This is unbelievable!!! I hope that someone at steinberg will do something to fix this problem!!!
Ps.: take a look at the osc control preset for logic. That one is the ipad control to imitate!!!


It is correct, it is not possible to select/highlight tracks in Cubase iC Pro.
It is on our feature request list already. :slight_smile:
However, in Cubase 7 touching a fader does not automatically select the track.