Cubase IC Pro

For what it’s worth it sounds to me a lot like an address conflict. I’ve had this happen with my wifi/hardwired stuff occasionally. Trick is to power everything (router, too) down and then turn all of your stuff back on. Unless your addresses are fixed, this’ll reassign everything to be conflict free.



Thanks Chewy. I just gave that a try and it made no difference. One thing that I notice is that the communication seems to be only one way. Nuendo is not sending info about cursor position, time code or button select and I assume that it should.


Sorry it didn’t work… I’m stumped. I only use the lite version here… but it’s always behaved flawlessly, fwiw. Will keep thinking…


Could it be that the ipad 1 is not supported well?

I don’t believe the iPad 1 is supported. Apparently the info on the App store is incorrect and can’t be changed, see here:

I got IC to work finally. I had to create an ad hoc network and make that the only available network on my studio computer. I thought it was a bit of a pain in the a** because I have to turn off Internet on my studio computer and iPad to get it to work. I thought I would just have to live with that inconvenience and I bought IC Pro.

I have tried every conceivable configuration of my two wireless routers, Ethernet and wireless adapter and I can not get IC Pro to work. With my best attempt, SKI sees the IC Pro in Nuendo, IC Pro sees my Nuendo computer(greyed out) and it goes into searching for the network mode for a minute then shuts down. This is as close as I can get.

It is especially frustrating because vcontrol free works really well without having to even shut down my Internet . I did this before reading your post Dog and Pony. Is there any official word on this?


I understand your frustration.

My system will not allow me to set up an adhoc network so I have to run with the Internet switched on - which is not ideal.

I am guessing by the responses that it is a good program when configured properly but won’t run on Ipad1. I wrote to apple and they are refunding me.
I also got V-Control Pro and it is really great. I didn’t have to change my setup and it’s a very cool program. The ability to turn the ipad into a touch control surface for any program or window on the desktop is amazing. Thanks for the responses. I’m sure this thread will help future users.


To use the Android version of Cubase IC Pro, I had to BUY SKI and download the app for free.

I have loaded the Android version on two Samsung Note 3s, so that I can see the project and cue mix at the same time. Obviously, each musician with a cue could control their own mix. All works well.

I too like to avoid the Apple megalomania, and was glad to be able to select the IP directly (but not save? Que!), despite the ‘requirement’ to have Bonjour loaded.

Also, I don’t get the specification of an ad-hoc wireless setup, especially since the computer on which Cubase is running will most likely NOT have WiFi, and if it did, it would probably be switched off to prevent possible latency issues, as has been known from time to time. Certainly, running an ad-hoc network precludes using more than one IC Pro.

We also have an iPod we bought for testing our website, as it has the same resolution as an iPhone, but MUCH cheaper. I would like to press-gang that into being a remote as well, for buttons! But the iOS version costs. Does it work with the paid SKI? Or have I missed something? Can I use it in conjunction with the Android versions?

I think IC Pro looks good, but I wish it was a bit more configurable, like:
a) Adjust the time text size (though I have mirrored the Note’s display to a monitor via MHL and HDMI)
b) Given the larger size of tablets, select which elements one wants sharing the display.
c) Ability to save and select computers by IP address. Come on SB, you are almost there!