Cubase IC Pro

Hello first off I would like to say I love the app very much I have it for my IPad first gen and it did work great. I was informed by my app store on the iPad that there was an update to IC Pro 1.2 which I proceeded to update it and of course it doesn’t work. I did not know until after I updated it that it only supports OS6 and higher. My question is if anyway possible can I get the first one I downloaded for my IPad which is IC Pro 1.1 I think. I really need it as I did pay for it I noticed that some apps that are made for IPad is backward compatible meaning it can install the right version for your specific device. Can I get IC Pro 1.1 back please?


unfortunately you would have to send such a request directly to Apple. They have strict rules on the distribution on Apps and we can not keep multiple versions of it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for your response. i will look in to that option.