Cubase IC / Remote SKI performance

Dear all,

I installed Remote SKI on Cubase Studio 6 / MAC / 32 Bit / OSX 10.8.2 and have the Cubase IC app on an iPhone 5, IOS 6.0.1.

I can connect the iPhone with cubase. Sometimes the GUI (iPhone) just freezes upon start, I can’t do anything but close and restart the app. Also I cannot always find the host.
However, when I get the connection, performance is something else.

When I hit the green play-button (iPhone, 1.jpg), cubase starts the playback with some latency, but acceptable. When I stop it on the iPhone, Cubase stops immediately, the iPhone still displays that red stop button (2.jpg), but the position indicator on top of the screen keeps moving (3.jpg, 4.jpg). It takes several seconds before the display stops and the green play button reappears (5.jpg). In the meantime I cannot control cubase.

You might want to refer to the screenshots taken on the iPhone:
Cubase_IC.pdf (601 KB)
Any ideas?