Cubase iC update please

I like the Cubase iC app for iPhone and I hope Steinberg will keep updating it. A few suggestions:

  • Support for 64 bit cubase.
  • Bigger buttons for play, rec stop, etc.
  • A mixer channel controller page (like the channel strip on the CC121).
  • An iPad version utilizing the larger display.


Agreed. I tried it with Cubase 64 but couldn’t get it working. Would also like support for the new screen on the iphone4. Apps are not that much use if they are never updated. Come on give us an update. Is there one planned?

+1 for an Android version!

Yes please make this available for 64 bit. It does seem like SB comes out with things and then doesn’t follow-through.

Yes! 64bit compatibility please!

Thank you

+1 for an Android version.

Instead of the arranger thing, for straightforward tracking, I wish I could actually see the markers list with the names so I can do several overdubs by myself. Another thing that would be nice is if there’s a way to keep the screen from going into powersave if I have it connected to USB power supply.

I don’t think SB are focusing too much on this app since it’s free. So perhaps they could just release an API making it easy for 3. part developers to create clients for all kinds of devices.


As I own an ipad, I also wish the app is updated to accomodate the larger screen plus the facility to have a mixer page. I am willing to pay for new app if done properly.

I have also tried the air-display app which is great for displaying windows apps from PC on ipad but cannot get the touchscreen to work properly with cubase and would prefer it if steinberg brought out a dedicated controller app for ipad anyway.

Here’s hoping?

That would be great!!!
I like to use the app when I’am recording myself and need to be far from the computer (vocals) and would be great to see a list of markers to go to the part I need to record or overdub.

Hello guys,

There is an update coming soon! It won’t feature the 64-bit compatibility, but we are working on that!

Sweet! :mrgreen:

Shame it won’t support 64bit. The 64bit userbase must be increasing daily now. I wouldn’t be suprised if it doesn’t take over 32bit soon. Working on could mean over a year with how releases usually work :cry:

+1 for 64bit but I’d be happy with some improved stability and functionality.

I would love to see this for Android as well. In the mean time I use my HTC Evo as a remote desktop to control Cubase. I have had spotty performance with the iC using my ipod touch.

A fader please!

After giving it some more thought, I really would love to have an iPad optimized version with moving fader, pan, assignable slider and transport control all in neat window.

But that would probably undercut the CC121, no?
Hmm, in fact just give me the CC 121 as an iPad app!

+1 Windows 7 64-Bit
+1 iPad

+1 for a Nokia 1610 version.

I agree…the iphone remote is one of the best tools Cubase has put out. Please add a 64bit version!!!