Cubase IC with Cubase 6?

Tried to install it… but nothing shows up. The .dll is in the shared folder it’s supposed to be in. But does not show up under the devices in Cubase. Is this not compatible yet?

Ok does anyone from Steinberg actually get on here? Fairly simple question… Is Cubase IC(the SKI remote) compatible with Cubase 6 as of now? or will it ever be?


Are you running CB 64 bit by any chance? If so, then Cubase IC will not work, only in 32 bit. There’s an older thread that has all the specifics.

No I’m running Cubase 6 in 32 bit mode.

You have to have Bonjour service from Apple installed for it to work as well. You can either install iTunes, or get Bonjour only from Apple. If you search the old thread there are more specific instructions.

Bingo! that was it. I forgot I don’t have iTunes installed on that computer. Oops :blush: . Just thought it might not be compatible with the new version. Thanks for the help.