Cubase Icons missing after 11.0.10 update?

WIN 10 -
Updated from 11 to 11.0.10 and now all my projects that are scattered on different drives (Projects are not on c drive) have no Cubase project icons., even the .bak file icons are gone. All the icons are white.
Anyone experiencing this? Suggestions to fix?

Same here. Let me save you some headaches…
I uninstalled and reinstalled C11 and the update without any change. So don’t bother doing that. It’s probably a registry error created by the update.
What - visually - fixes the problem is to go into Settings - Default Apps - Chose Default Apps by File Type - scroll down to .cpr and reassign it to a previous version of Cubase. I used 10.5 which is still on my system and the icons return to normal. But the problem is that if you click on one of the .cpr files to open a project (without having previously opened C11) it will open 10.5.
Steinberg needs to release a tool to fix the broken registry entry created by the update.

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+1. Good if they quick-fix this.


Any fix yet? Is Steinberg even aware of this issue?