Cubase Icons missing after 11.0.10 update?

WIN 10 -
Updated from 11 to 11.0.10 and now all my projects that are scattered on different drives (Projects are not on c drive) have no Cubase project icons., even the .bak file icons are gone. All the icons are white.
Anyone experiencing this? Suggestions to fix?

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Same here. Let me save you some headaches…
I uninstalled and reinstalled C11 and the update without any change. So don’t bother doing that. It’s probably a registry error created by the update.
What - visually - fixes the problem is to go into Settings - Default Apps - Chose Default Apps by File Type - scroll down to .cpr and reassign it to a previous version of Cubase. I used 10.5 which is still on my system and the icons return to normal. But the problem is that if you click on one of the .cpr files to open a project (without having previously opened C11) it will open 10.5.
Steinberg needs to release a tool to fix the broken registry entry created by the update.

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+1. Good if they quick-fix this.


Any fix yet? Is Steinberg even aware of this issue?


Bit late to the party. I had to reinstall C11 because of issues relating to Groove Agent SE5 and also had blank project icons. I right clicked the blank icon then ‘open with’ and chose the Cubase app in the C11 installation folder on the C drive and the icons returned immediately.

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Still no fix with 11.0.20 update?? LAME :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Update on this issue. Went back and forth with Steinberg and after deleting Cubase 10 off of my c drive, the icons are back?! Oh well…