Cubase icpro

When on earth is icpro going to be updated? Users have complained for ages about this. It is still on the iTunes Store even though it doesn’t work properly anymore.

Steinberg should stop outsourcing and then abandoning and support properly. Avid remote works well with Cubase and they update it regularly but I want true integration. This app should be updated at the same time as Cubase is and not left for years.

This has been done many times now including plugins like virtual guitarist. Instead of making a new version it was abandoned. I for one have no confidence in buying anything steinberg release except the main program as they get abandoned.


Tbf I think wazoo or whoever made virtual guitarist got bought out by avid. It was also a very long time ago!

But yes it would be good if ic pro was updated.

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Cubase iC Pro being abandoned would be less of an issue if they weren’t selling it [still] for $16.99, which is a ridiculous price for a remote control app designed to work with a single DAW.

They’re also kind of the only DAW developer with a 1st party remote control app that is charging a price for this.

Studio One Remote
Logic Pro Remote
Avid Control

None of those are $16.99

For $16.99, some level of ongoing support should be expected. At least maintenance for fixing bugs and maintaining full compatibility, making sure it works properly on newer device (including support for HiDPI displays on newer iPads, etc.).


Absolutely. Steinberg are way behind with this and the support for the app is abysmal. Another with a free app is my zoom l-20 and TotalMix on my iPad for RME all free and all continuously updated and supported. I don’t know why we bother though as it falls on deaf ears.


All it does for me is crash whenever I put the IP address in. I thought about asking for my money back, but I know it would be a long, hard, arduous fight… :nauseated_face:

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Sry, icPro is a paid joke.
It’s more comfortable to spend some cents for a long cable and an old pc/mac-keyboard.
Here I take my wireless keyboard but here at my “studio” the ways are short.