Cubase: Import / Export Mixconsole content

I use Superior Drummer 3 (SD3) Vsti with quite a few expansion drum kits
Each expansion has different output configurations for multiple outputs but each can be saved as a SD3 preset and loaded into SD3 (e.g Hitmaker kit, Orchestral Perc kit, Latin Perc kit)
I normally use Mixconsole 3 (M3) in Cubase as my Drum Outputs mixer rather than use the config in SD3…easier to tweak and automate levels for a mix

So in a Project i can configure M3 to just show SD and name the output channels…which is great…a ‘problem’ comes if i decide to change the SD3 kit…the outputs change in SD3 (but i can call up my saved SD3 kit preset so all is good), but in Cubase i have to go through a reconfigure and naming process now

My suggestion is that a M3 config. for these drums can be saved as a preset (like in SD3) and so a change of kit in SD3 can be matched to a saved M3 config…nice and easy

this feature would be used for other multi output VSTis too

It was suggested that I could save a Project Template with all the configs available but i do think that is quite hard work as i have a lot of kits and variations within kits, so i would need all these variants defined and configured and then switched off (multiple instances of SD3) in the Template plus the template would have to be kept up to date at all times in case of SD3 changes… a more flexible solution might be as i have suggested…the ability to define console content and export/import as needed