Cubase incorrectly handles fast MIDI CC?

Does Cubase incorrectly handle curve MIDI CC when the grid size is smaller than 1/16?
Here’s what I did: load up an instance of Serum , MIDI learned the filter cutoff (in my case CC16.) When I draw in CC16 automation using the line tool, with a Sine curve, anytime the grid size is faster than 1/16, the end result is very inaccurate. When the grid size is 1/128, it sounds almost exactly like 1/8.
This doesn’t happen when I automate the filter directly, instead of through MIDI CC.
Is this a known issue? I can upload a video later if this wasn’t clear enough.

Yeah using an LFO inside a VSTi will always be much more accurate. But I do agree that fast automation or MIDI CC data is choppy in Cubase. Ableton Live is much more responsive from what I have seen…

that’s what I’ve always been doing too, until today when I had to specifically modulate MIDI CC and to do that fast. I’d be very disappointed if this limitation was true :frowning: the result of what I automated was not only choppy, but downright unusable

Long story short: I found that the problem wasn’t the way Cubase handles in-clip MIDI CC (good news), but the way it handles automation lane that comes from extracted MIDI automation, when you use the Extract MIDI Automation function. I’ve posted in more details, with a demo project attached here: Inaccurate Extract MIDI Automation - Cubase - Steinberg Forums