Cubase Info Line Disappears

As you all would know, after selecting an event, the Info line (if activated) appears near the top of the Project window in Cubase. This gives details of the event like Start/End times (or bars), Length, Mute, etc.

Other info includes Volume and Transpose. I’ve found that when adjusting parameters on the Info line (using the mouse scroll wheel whilst hovering over a value) it usually works immediately after first selecting the event, but when I try to make further adjustments (whilst the event is still selected), the whole Info line disappears!

I then have to deselect the event (by clicking outside it), then select again to get the Info line to reappear. Then the same thing will happen again (sometimes not immediately, but eventually)!

Very frustrating and it slows down my workflow.

In my experience, this has been happening from Version 7.5 on (I’m now on the latest version of 8.5). Every time there’s a maintenance update, I pray that the issue has been fixed, but to no avail. Has anyone else had this happen?

Even though it seems like a minor issue, I hope Steinberg will get around to fixing this “glitch”