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uick question regarding MIDI CHANNEL in Cubase [PC]

I’m upgrading from steinberg Nuendo 3.2 to Cubase 6. My question is when working on stylus in Nuendo 3.2, the stylus has 8 channels which can be assigned to each sample for eg - kick, snare, hi-hats. I noticed that in Cubase when opening an instrument MIDI track, for eg: if i open stylus in a Instrument MIDI track, i can assign only a single sample. Is it advisable to open multiple styluses for recording different samples or simply opening a single stylus and assigning different samples through its different channels. Which method adds lesser load on the CPU and what should be the right way? Especially for VST like stylus RMX, Colosis, Sample tank, Hypersonic, etc. All these VST’s come with the facility of loading multiple samples on a single console and they provide 8 channel output which can be assigned to different Nuendo channels. In Nuendo 3.2, it is time consuming to open a MIDI channel, then opening a VST instrument, assigning an output to the MIDI track towards respective VST. Hence, all this is extremely time consuming and also is a pain when automating since adding a reverb on the tird channel on the stylus i have to enter the master mixer and search for its direct output channel. Is automating MIDI in Cubase 6 easier? Or is it the same way that i will have to do in Cubase 6?


Why post a C6 question in this forum? :confused:

You enable multiple outs via the instrument rack.