Cubase Initializing Vst Mixer Crashing

  1. I have used Cubase for many years. Never had this problem earlier or something like this

  2. The eLicenser Control Center is the latest version

  3. The problem: Each time I start Cubase it crashes at Cubase Initializing Vst Mixer

I cant start Cubase at all. What should I do?

Sorry for my english it’s not my native language


Most probably there is a problem with some plug-in compatibility.

Make sure, all of your plug-ins are, please.

I have no vst plugins on my computer yet.

This happened immediately after a clean install of cubase

I have tried to reinstall cubase, start as admin/administration, elicenser maintenance, no difference

Any other suggestions? Thanks for responding.

Did you start eLCC as administrator and run Maintenance add administrator?

Yes I did. I dont know what do now. Never had a problem with cubase before.

I have windows 8.1 64 bit. But to buy Windows 10 and the problem may remains.

I have tried to turn off Norton virus software too

Can you see the splash screen?

What can you see as a last on it?

I can see this

Always when cubase initializing vst mixer coming up / appear

Are you sure you have no plug-ins?

Btw there was very similar issue today morning on the forum. The eLCC Maintenance as administrator fixed it did the user.

I have not installed any plugins. Or do you mean cubase plugins? Should I remove Cubase Plugins folder?

I have tried that with eLCC

I really hope Cubase plug-ins don’t crash. The crashlog wild bring some light.

Yes but I cant open DMP files. I tried to download a software but nothing happens

Here is the DMP file / Crashdump


Sorry for the delay.

First of all, I found you are still using Cubase 9.0.0. I would strongly recommend to update to Cubase 9.0.30.

The crash is in the internal Cubase Plug-in Set. Please install the latest update, I hope it helps. If not, try to uninstall Cubase and install it again from the original Full Installer and then update to 9.0.30.