Cubase Input Channels

I use a Steinberg MR816x interface and Cubase 8.5. If I set up the interface to maximum input, then the input in cubase is way to hot. Is there a reason why the amount of incoming signal can not be controlled in Cubase. I’m currently near 0 on my MR816 when using a vocal mic. I like to record audio in the -12db range.



Do you mean, if you set the gain of the input to the maximum on your MR816X? If yes, then just decrease the input gain on your hardware. The Input channel is only the “mirror” of the HW bus. There is no gain or volume control after the gain on the HW, and the Input Channel. You control the input to Cubase by the gain on your HW.

I think you have the “pad” option to lower the gain with -20DB?

I use to have the mr816, later on the ur824, now I’m working with a audient id14 and can overdrive the input channel and get some analog distortion…almost impossible to let it clip.