Cubase inreases the volume of auriotrack after rendering

Could you please tell me why that might be possible?
This is the initial vocal in a project:

In this picture there is a vocal after switching off all plugins and all processing, rendering and importing back into the project (The volume is incredibly high and it’s clipping):

This are render settings:

And here are project settings

Could someone please help me :slight_smile: Thanks)

I deleted ALL plugins from “Insert” tab and the sound got way quitter. Why is that possible? Why do switched off plugins influence the sound after rendering if they are switched off?


How did you switch them off, please? Bypass or other way? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Your rendering signal path includes insert and strip processing… could it be that some strip processing is turned on?
Why do you export these track without processing?

I needed to export that audio track for mixing engineer because I can’t mix. So I deleted all the plugins from the insert
which is not really convenient. Because I like to hear the sound with processing and then I need to load all the plugins again even via “load presets”. And I have dozens of those tracks. Why doesn’t “bypass” button switch all insert plugins off and influence the eventual rendered file?

Look here’s the button:
I press it and it “switches” off all plugins like this:
But after I render audio with bypassed plugins anyway the volume of the audio track is higher. I want to have all those plugins in the insert tab, but I don’t want them to influence the rendered audio file

Comm on… not only plugins affect the level of the track… think about it…

and btw… your export settings include strip and insert…

I understand that. But how can I switch off all plugins and inserts so they won’t affect the eventual signal without removing all plugins?

What about the channel strip processing? Did you checked that?

You can disable all plugins…

Same for The Strip