Cubase Insisting on an Octave Transposition for MIDI?

I have Cubase 6.0.7 and Cubase Elements 8.0.35 installed on the same computer.

In both versions, the MIDI keys in the editors and on VST instruments seem to be shown transposed down by an octave. That is, The MIDI key editor and VST instrument show a key marked as C3, but when I click on it, I hear C4 from all instruments. Pressing the physical C4 keys on my MIDI controllers (a Yamaha PF80 and a Nektar LX25) will sound the C4 note on instruments to which they are coupled, yet Cubase (both versions) insist that it is the C3 key that has been pressed.

No global settings to transpose an octave have been set in either version of Cubase as far as I can see, yet transposition is occurring. Even on a VST instrument, the centre key is being marked as C3, and not C4 as I would expect (see uploaded image).
Cubase 6 3.png
I’m sure this is simply user-error, but I just can’t work out what is going on. Can anyone offer assistance? Thanks.

It is simply that Cubase refers to middle C (MIDI note# 60) as “C3” rather than “C4”. So there is no actual error (just have to get used to it :wink: )

Aha… Trust Cubase to do something different… Thanks for the illumination.