Cubase Inspector to Korg Pa3X

I am sorry if this problem has been solved on the forum before - I searched but couldn’t find anything related.

I am using the available Korg Pa3X patchname script from Steinberg with Cubase 8.5 (WIN 10-64bit). I have checked and rechecked the midi device setup and it is all correct. The problem I am having is that the patches I select in Cubase Inspector are not correctly displayed in their midi channels in the Korg sequencer. I can’t seem to tie down a pattern of what is happening, but generally speaking, a patch change in a given channel produces an incorrect result in the sequencer.

For example, I selected Spiccato Strings patch in the Inspector. The patch info is (MSB=121, LSB=4, PC=49). My Pa3X sequencer reports the correct (121/4/49), but labels the patch RealStrings 2, and plays the RealStrings 2 sound. If I now select RealStrings 2 in the same channel, the sequencer shows and plays Spiccato Strings with (121/10/49) which is the correct info for RealStrings 2.

I have no idea how long this has been happening. I also don’t know if it is a Cubase or Korg issue. It may be relevant that the midi part does not have any program change data in the list editor (I don’t know how add this). I am relying on the Inspector to send the correct info once I choose the patch, and that may well be the cause.

Thanks for any help or direction in advance.

I guess the real question is how do I write the patch info to each midi part. I tried unsuccessfully in the List Editor, as well as in the Logical Editor.