Cubase install on autopilot mishap?

So I guess I’m getting old because this would not have happened to me ten years ago, but I proceeded to install Cubase 12 on my new computer, just clicking ok for everything assuming it would install to its own designated folder on MacHD, with the necessary entries in the library and application support etc.

But now I see a frigging unpacked Steinberg folder in my “downloads” folder. Sure enough, everything is in there, ffs. I still need to unpack/install Halion 6 content, so before i do that, let me verify:

Did I really install Cubase and its content in the ‘Downloads’ folder or is that just there for another reason? If the latter, can I trash it once I’m done with installing all the other stuff?

There is also a ‘Steinberg’ folder in ‘My Documents’, but that’s only 6.5MB and contains “MIDI Remote” and “User Presets”.

Screenshot of the ‘Steinberg’ folder in my ‘Downloads’


You downloaded all installers to the Downloads folder. Then it was installed to the proper folders. The installers remain in the folder for the case, you need them later.

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Thanks for your reply. So once I’m done installing I can trash all that?


Yes, you can.

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Thanks, Martin

So I started up Cubase 9.5 on the old computer but it says “no license detected” (forgot the exact words), and I can either ‘quit’ or ‘activate’.

What do I do now? I still need the old computer, the new one is not 100% up and running yet.

is your elicenser dongle connected to the pc where you’re running cubase 9?

Of course. It’s not a PC, btw, ancient Mac Pro.


Do you have the latest eLCC installed, please?

Doh, that did the trick. Thanks!