Cubase Installation After Hard Drive Change

Hi Everybody!

I had a problem with my hard drive, i bought new one and i installed new Windows 7.

So, next step - Cubase 6, but here i got little doubt because : my first installation of Cubase was Cubase 5 Essential,after few month i bought upgrade Cubase 6 Artist, and after few month i bought complite licence for Cubase 6 and then i did little update to Cubase 6.05.

My question is - do i have to install all of that steps again that starts from Essential 5 or how i must do?

Thank you.

Install only the version you want to use.

ok, Thank You

Assumption: You have the physical disks for Cubase 6 Artist.

Install Cubase 6. Your license will allow you to use the full version (not Artist). The only difference between Artist 6 and Cubase 6 is the license.

After that, install your updates.

Yes, i have Cubase Artist 6 as a CD/DVD and e-licencer with serial for complite version.
So , i need install Arist , but when installation will ask for serial number - i must introduce serial from Cubase 6.
Is it right?

Thank you