Cubase Installation - Duplicate Content?

Sorry if this has been addressed before but I’m not finding much on this new forum format. I’ve got Cubase Pro 9 through 10.5 installed on my computer and I’m just installing version 11. Why does the Application Assistant recommend that I also download & install Halion SE, Retrologue, Padshop and Groove Agent when those components should already exist on my HDD from earlier versions? Seems like a redundant download and installation to me not to mention wasted HDD space. Is this just overwriting existing components or am I ending up with multiple version of these components? Does anyone know? Thanks for the help.

The components might have been updated, and there’s new content too, as far as I know.

Hi MSully, Welcome to the forum,

obviously, what Steve says…plus I’d download them anyway.

If you already have the same version installed then the installer tells you and you can just quit them. If it’s an updated version then it’s worth having. Even if you install the same version over the top then nothing bad will happen.

When you have finished you can delete all the downloads so there is no wasted disk space and you won’t have multiple versions.

Hopefully one day the Download Assistant will tell you what you have installed and if the download is actually an update :smiley:

Thanks guys - getting that updated content makes sense.