Cubase Installation Question

Hi all.

Next week I will be replacing all my HDD’s with SSD’s in my PC (I may leave the HDD as storage discs, will see) and have been wondering…
Does it make any difference if I’ll have Cubase and all instruments installed on one disc (lets say D) and then dedicate another disc (lets say E) for just my projects?
Does installing all components separate (Cubase on D, libraries on E, projects on F etc…) make any difference?


FWIW… I have Cubase installed to the default location folders on my SSD “C” drive and all of my projects saved on my HDD “F” drive. I did this about 5 years ago and it works very good. Also, all of my 3rd party VSTs sound content are installed on the HDD “F” drive.

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It worked fine, everything found straight off and the presets issue fixed.

Next update I will download the full install and run from scratch.

I do the same as the other responders to this post.

The only condition I’m aware of (and you are likely too) is the Cubase program itself and any project must reside in different folders. I made that error years ago with Cubase AI. I installed Cubase AI on my C drive and created some project folders inside the C:\Cubase AI folder. This doesn’t work.

I changed both my cheese grater and Macbook to SSD last year, backed up everying, and did a Shirt Pocket copy to the new drives… not an issue at all… Hope it goes as well for you!
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Thanks all.
Unfortunately Amazon messed up my deliveries and one of my SSD drives arrived Tuesday but the other is not coming until 12th of August… :confused:

So, I’m waiting…