Cubase Installation: Wavelab Elements 7 disk is missing?

I can’t find the Wavelab Elements 7 demo with my Cubase 6 disks. Is the program supposed to have it’s own installation disk, or is it included on one of the other installation disks?

It’s mentioned on the frist install DVD (Cubase6), when clicking on it you are redirected tot a download link. So your conclusion is right it is indeed NOT included. The download link works,=.

Good luck with that!


That’s right, as mroekalea stated, the file is downloaded from the internet.

Oh SWEET!!! I had Cubase 6 installed for me so I completely missed out on that. Thanks!

Hey guys, I’m trying to download the trial version but keep getting an error message saying the connection was interrupted and my connection is fine. Any body know what the deal is? How can I download the trial version of Wavelab 7 elements? Cuz the Cubase six install dvd then download from the site way is not working for me. Any suggestions?..

never mind, downloaded the installer from the update area. It says update but apparently it’s the installer.

Goto the ‘mySTeinberg’ section of the website (you do need an account and a synchro usb key)