Cubase installer problem on Windows 10 x64 vers. 1703

Today I installed a new PC with Windows 10 Pro latest version (creators update) 1703 build so 15,063,332.
Steinberg installers , Cubase-Nuendo-WaveLab, and their respective updates do not work.
If I use the unpacked versions then I can install.
Can someone give me urgent information?
Thanks in advance

Can you give some details about what actually is happening. They don’t work is not giving much to go on.
Also which installers…are these freshly downloaded from your MySteinberg account and are the large “full” installers?

My first thought with W10 and installs is running as admin…did you try this?

And not really sure I’m understanding what urgent information you need if you managed to get the installers to work with unpacked versions? But then I’m not even entirely sure what you mean by unpacked versions either.

Good morning, I will explain better…
New computer, operating system Windows 10 creator update vers. 1703
All other installations of other brands go to good end, but when it’s time to install Cubase (Nuendo or WaveLab do the same thing…) It happens that the installer (the one with the Steinberg icon) starts and as soon as the window appears to choose the version to install (type version 32 bit or x64…) It closes and disappears altogether, even going in the task Manager there is no trace…
If instead I use the Cubase Installer present in the package within the installation folders everything proceeds well, obviously so I did, but I can not do the updates and install other things of Steinberg type HALion and other plugins.
Do not post things very frequently, I am a very experienced user on the operating systems and programs and I think this is somehow a bug in the installation package of Steinberg programs that manifests itself on the latest version of the Microsoft operating system.
I note that on the computer in question the operating system Windows 10 Pro vers. 1703 is not an update but an installation from scratch, this to indicate that maybe and I say maybe the test on a version installed from scratch was not done?

Contrary to what I wrote about the profile, I use Steinberg systems since 1988, and I remember having had a similar problem in switching from Windows XP to Vista and also from Vista to Seven, not to mention even worse problems on MacOS in various versions, I read the Steinberg statement on the compatibility of Creative update (WIN10 1703) But now the only installer that creates problems is that of Steinberg.
What should I do? Is there a possibility to unpack the installer to get around the problem in the meantime?


Are you sure you are installing from the full installer (9Gb) and not an update ?
Windows should not be the problem, if it is updated and you haven’t done any crazy optimization.

Did you try my suggestion to run the installers as admin?

What is the Build?

Depending on how you got the installer .exe on your machine, it might be blocked. Check all the .exe files in the install directory by looking at their properties. On the “General” tab near the bottom, if it says “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer” at the bottom, check the “Unblock” box next to the message and hit OK.