Cubase Instruments

Why do the bundled instruments in C6 all have to look so drab and uniformly characterless?

Obviously their appearance affects nothing other than visual aesthetics.

I was simply wondering why everything has to be presented in shades of black, grey and blue?

I would like to see them cheered up a bit. Perhaps then my music wouldn’t be so dull. :wink:

I’m quite allright with the different user interfaces really, I think they’re functional and clear. No need for fancy lights or silly colours, Cubase doesn’t have them either. It’s part of the Steinberg art direction I think, if Steinbergs plugs looked like Fabfilters they would be way off in my opinion.
Not to say Fabfilter makes bad plugs, just their art scheme is rather shockingly different from Cubases :wink:

I don’t know if it is intentional, but the drab colors are suitable for long hours of editing.

Aloha and +1