Cubase Integration - Overwrite Original File?

I’m demoing Wavelab and trying to wrap my head around the file structure while using Cubase integration.

Is there a way to have Wavelab overwrite the original file (wherever it is placed on the hard drive), and have it update Cubase automatically when clicking the button to send it back over to Cubase? It seems like the default behavior is that Wavelab creates a new file and places that in the Cubase Audio folder of the session (let me know if that’s not correct however). Is there a way to change this default behavior to have it destructively overwrite files?

I hope my question is clear enough thanks.



thank you for interest on Wavelab!
Currently there is no possibility to destructively overwrite files withing the Wavelab Exchange feature.


I would vote for this as a feature request, I guess it should be a preference in Cubase. I have no need for a full copy of a recorded track when all I do in WL is remove one click, for example.

Thanks for letting me know Kay.

And yeah Arjan, that’s how I was hoping to use it as well. I was hoping looking for a way to fix simple issues in stem bounces on TV/Film cues. There are times when I need to fix simple things and don’t want to create duplicate large files. Having it be integrated with Cubase in this way would be great IMHO.

So +1 for a feature request.