Cubase integration with UR-C series

Unsure if this belongs here on in the hardware section, but I believe it is a problem resolved in Cubase, so I posted it here.

Please consider a more flexible integration between the UR-C series interfaces & Cubase Pro, particularly when using control room.
As it currently works, you cannot control the onboard DSP from within cubase (only via DSPmixFX) if you don’t assign a physical output to the interface. It would be excellent if the hardware tab in the inspector could be used to control the onboard DSP without it having an assigned output, thus leaving the routing to the control room but making control of the onboard DSP available in the inspector.

It would also be excellent if the front panel headphone jacks (especially for the UR816C which does not have set routing for these) could be routed via audio connections or via the control room.

Thank you for considering these ideas.