Cubase is crippling my hand

Does anyone else find the window navigation handles too small? I’ve noticed that whenever I have a Cubase session, my hand is sersiously cramped for days afterwards, from trying to make the finite movements to grab the tiny controls. I can’t play my guitar afterwards, which seems ironic. This doesn’t happen with any other application. Come on Steinberg, what’s the chances of some bigger handles instead of sleek mini design? Is there a view option?

What OS and version of Cubase are you running?

Have you adjusted your mouse speed settings?

I must admit, I do find some of the scroll bars and other things like the pitch flatten controls in vari audio for example, very hard to grab with the mouse. On a 4K display.

I have mentioned this before a while ago I think.


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Cubase 10.5, Mac latest OS. The mouse speed is fine, it’s having to pinpoint the tiny slider handles that is causing the problem. I don’t see what Cubase has gained by makinging these so thin, apart from a few millimetres of extra desk space. It really is quite painful after an editing session, and lasts for days.

Yes exactly as I meant.

@JJ_Jamieson Are you using a 4k monitor? If so, adjust the scaling so that the UI is bigger. I think 4K monitors are useless for most applications, for this very reason.

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For us gamers and keyboard players, we don’t have such problem.
You’ll build up muscle memory with time, just like your left hand when you play guitar.

I personally prefer a trackball mouse for music but there are other ergo mouse designs around.

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They are kind of small but I am working with viewing shortcuts for this very reason. Once you start working with shortcuts you will never touch the sliders again.
My most used shortcut out of all is a macro I created for zooming the full project vertical and horizontal to fit my screen’s viewable field. I added the “zoom full” and “zoom tracks full” commands in this macro.

For easy navigation while working I use:
Horizontal :

  • keys G/H to zoom in/out project’s events horizontally (with the project cursor being the center point)
  • ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom project’s events horizontally (with the mouse pointer being the center point)
  • shift+mouse wheel to move project’s timeline horizontally

Vertical :

  • shift+G/H to zoom project’s tracks/events vertically
  • mouse wheel alone to scroll up/down the tracks

Not touching the sliders anymore.
Not even touching the waveform density slider anymore, I replaced it with the alt+G/H shortcuts.

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That’s some very useful advice, thankyou!

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Thanks, I’ll have a look at this

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I never understood why this isn’t possible in the Score’s edit mode. It almost feels like a different program, not consistent with other edit windows in Cubase. Feels very cumbersome.



Just to add another option, If you have old phone or tablet laying around, maybe using something like ‘touch portal’ would be a viable alternative to a mouse for some uses too? I have just started using it and find it most useful, You can assign shortcuts/macros/keypresses to a button that shows on a tablet/phone screen.
My favourite use is I now have a way to control cubase transport controls when i’m in my cupboard/recording booth recording vocals etc without having to run back and forth to pc all the time! :grinning: