Cubase is exporting a protected .wav??

Cubase Studio 5.5.3 Build 651 running on Windows XP. I’m exporting a mixdown as .wav, File > Export > Audio Mixdown with no problem. However, my CD burning software can’t burn the Wave file, giving error message “The WMA file(s) are write protected and cannot be processed”. I don’t see anything in the manual or Audio Mixdown dialog about the file being write-protected, am I missing something or is there a workaround? Obviously I’ll get lots of suggestions to try other CD-burning software, thanks so much, that will be plan B.

Have you got the file open in another application?

Is it an Audio CD you are making or a data CD with .wma files?

You sy, you export *.wav your CD burning app says it´s *.wma - so what is it actually…?

Thanks guys, great questions, yes, exporting as .wav. This is turning into a bug report, Plan B (using different CD burning software) didn’t work. The error messages when attempting to burn the Cubase-exported .wav are:

Nero 6 - The selected WMA file(s) are protected and cannot be processed
Nero 8 - Burning failed. The file format is not supported
Roxio Easy CD Creator - “This is not a valid or supported music file”

On the other hand, Cubase-exported mp3s and wma files burn just fine, as they always have, although Windows and SoundCloud see the Cubase wma as a non-uploadable .cda. The only thing that worked was what I’ve always done, burn to mp3 and upload the mp3 to SoundCloud. Upload now in progress.

To show that this is not a Cubase problem, all anybody would have to do is burn a Cubase .wav to CD, preferably having installed the key that allows unlimited mp3 exports.

Export 16 bit wavs.

At 44.1KHz

True, but IIRC, at least NERO recognises and converts non readbook samplerates automatically - FWIW

Hey, that worked. Thank you split and thinkingcap! Just so this shows up better on Google for the next person, let me add: can’t burn Cubase exported .wav

I really think that you need to qualify this statement.

I have no problems burning Cubase exported .wav files to disk, and I don’t even have use any third party software.
(Just Windows 7 and Windows Media Player.)

Call me dense or whatever, but I have to say that I still do not quite understand (though split and thinkingcap obviously caught on faster than greased lightning) what this has to do with Cubase.

I see all kinds of mixed references to protected .wav, WMA files, bug report, non-uploadable .cda, MP3 files and keys to unlimited exports, etc. For example, “… see the Cubase wma as a non-uploadable .cda”, or “burn a Cubase .wav to CD, preferably having installed the key that allows unlimited mp3 exports”.

Not a Cubase problem indeed, The OP is simply rephrasing his initial problem, so that people having a similar problem googling the term “can ’ t burn Cubase exported wav” or something similar can find this thread with a possible solution more easily.

Faster than greased lightning :mrgreen:

Yeah, I know, it’s just that the indirections imply a different view. Point taken though, cap!

Cheers! :stuck_out_tongue: