Cubase is in Chinese

Hello! A month ago, I downloaded the Cubase Elements trial version. When installing, I selected English language, but when I opened Cubase Elements, everything was in Chinese(!!) Even the eLicenser Control Center was in Chinese. After a lot of googling, I found where to change language to English in Elements. I changed the language to English, and the program itself changed language, but the menu bar at the top were still in Chinese, and I have no idea of how to change that. Yesterday, my trial version expired, so I bought the pro-version and installed it. (Have to wait for the key though, so can’t use it yet.) But I noticed that also this time, even though I selected English when installing, the language is Chinese… I know how to change most of Cubase Pro to English, but I would like to change everything of it to English. And I have absolutely no idea how to change a single bit of the eLicenser Control Center to English…

Anyone have any idea how to fix this/what is wrong?

Information you might need to solve my problem?: I live in Norway, Never been close to China, Using a MacBook Air (that have the latest update installed), Steinberg Download Assistant was in English, The trial version was elements 10.5, The Pro-version is 10.5 as well.
(I am new to Cubase btw)

Thank you so much for helping me! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

What macOS do you use? What is your primary language in the System Preferences > Language & Region, please?

In the Cubase Preferences folder (Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X), there is lang.cfg file. What is written in it, please? If you would delete it (or rename) Cubase, should overtake the system language. Could you try, please?

Hi Martin, thanks for taking time to help me! :slight_smile: I’m using macOS Catalina 10.15.3. …wow, now I just found what is wrong! Thank you so much! Norwegian is my primary language, but Chinese is in second place, over English. Changed it now, and the whole Cubase is in English! :slight_smile: Thank you so, so much! Been trying to find the solution for a month now!! (Have no idea how the chinese was in that high priority on my mac though, but who cares) :slight_smile: