Cubase is making me suicidal

I’m reaching for the razor blades here: updating to C11 Pro from 8 Pro was my worst decision of last year. It has been a total disaster and lost me hours of valuable production time. My latest ‘issue’ is the e-licenser - yes, that bloody embuggerance - won’t work so now I can’t do a damned thing.

Nobody has responded to previous posts re earlier issues on this forum, least of all Steinberg themselves.

All I want to do is make music, FFS…

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What posts? There are no questions from you in them - see Your activity.

About the mega problems trying to install C11 et al. onto my PC that I had to upgrade from W7 to W10.

I must be thinking about the Microsoft forums then. This has been going on for so long now I have seriously lost the plot.

I’ve just checked my activity - I have indeed posted on the installation issues. Not so mad after all, I guess…


Do you have a question?

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But not properly. For example: where’s my bloody 12 string picking guitar disappeared to? Plus the strumming steel string guitar I had in one piece? No longer there (in Halion 5). I have gigabytes of sounds according to my Steinberg library but none of them actually seem available for auditioning.

But all of this is now purely academic seeing that the e-licenser appears to have given up the ghost. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Several. Let’s start with why is my e-licenser deader than a dodo all of a sudden?

How are you measuring how dead the dodo is to make the comparison?

As stressful as your software issues may currently be, I think you should save your “razor blade reactions” for life-altering things. Like following Kanye and Kim, or why Nikki Minaj is the way she is, or why AOC is dating that goofy looking dude, or if the new M1 is good for Cubase, or if Windows 11 will make our lives better. (cue “Beavis and Butthead” Bill Gates W95 clip). :slight_smile:

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Update your e-licenser software. Latest version here:-

Once installed., open the app and allow it to run maintenance tasks. Usually that clears up most e-license issues. Make sure Cubase is closed before of course.

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Thanks ski but that was my first course of action!

Ted: who? I don’t do celebrity bollocks I’m afraid.

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Ah that’s a shame it doesn’t fix it for you.

Don’t suppose you run the main app or e-licenser as administrator or anything do you? That can play havoc with Cubase too.

What is the actual issue, is it easy to describe? i.e. does the dongle show up in the elcc software? Do your licenses show within the dongle? Or, Is it a warning when you start Cubase that a license can’t be found?


Yes sometimes I do run as administrator. I’ll refrain from that in future.

The mystery deepens: in order to rule out the Cubase software being the core problem, I copied both C11 and Dorico onto a flash drive and installed them onto my bog standard Viglen PC that is running W10 20H1 and it loaded fine in both cases. Which was nice, as I was finally able to see what Dorico looks like!

Last evening I checked the e-licenser (dongle) on said Viglen and it was fine - listed all my licenses no problem and ran C11 to confirm. I also installed the original dongle I had with C4 Studio and that also showed up fine in the ELCC although it is now an empty ‘spare’.

You are correct in the message popping up when I tried to start C11 Tuesday night. Hence I knew I had yet another inexplicable problem and went into meltdown thinking I had now mysteriously lost all my licenses as well as my wits.

OK, update: I looked at Steinberg Support and the upshot is by running download manager it would appear the matter has been resolved. Why it all got lost in the first place remains a mystery but hey ho.

Now to sort out Microsoft…!!

Lol! Please tell me they are not rappers…

Haha, you may get to do music some time this year, if this carries on. Hopefully things improve now you’re getting to the bottom of it!

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Truth be told, Nikki Minaj is a great rapper. And to quote the great Forest Gump “That’s all I have to say about that”. :slight_smile: