Cubase is muted

I just downloaded Cubase Ai onto a new computer (HP Pavilion Desktop 550-a14) which I don’t have any speakers for. I’ve been using headphones thus far. I set up my audio interface with the program (a Steinberg UR-22) and the default input channel is showing audio activity when I play my guitar through the audio interface. When I play premade tracks within Cubase, the main mix outpul channel shows audio activity as well. However, I am not hearing a single thing through my headphones, which work with anything else on my computer (such as Spotify, anything on the internet, etc.). The program is up and running, but I have not been able to get any sound through my headphones using it, and I was wondering if there are any solutions to this problem. Thanks.

The headphones must be plugged into the UR, not the computer speaker jack. Confirm this is the case?


I have exactly the same problem. I am using a Steinberg MR816x. So far, I have been able to record both piano and voice audio into Cubase, but I have no idea what it sounds like, for there is no playback. The headphones are plugged into the audio interface and they work - no problems with playing music from my computer through the MR816x. Also, there is no problem with the connection between Cubase, the audio interface and the headphones, for I can hear the metronome that clicks in Cubase. However, there is no audio playback, nor do I hear back what I am playing while I am playing it. There is no signal when I play back (the meters do not do anything). Any ideas why…?