Cubase is not finding Battery

Hello everyone.

It is happening all of a sudden. Open Cubase( elements), load track, battery 4 is not there in its respective place.
I was trying to reload the battery 4 but still, it is not there. Cubase as failed in finding it, as the track is there and all the note on GM Drum Map, but the Battery 4 has not there. Also there are ways to buy pichwai paintings online.
When sometimes I restart, then it will be back to normal position and sometimes it doesn’t.

I really request you people, to help to get out of this.

Thank you.

did you change Cubase installation or update Battery?

The first I would check is exactly what folder is the Battery.dll file.

Then I’d go to Cubase -> Studio -> VST plugin manager

in the manager click the wheel in the bottom left corner to display your VST 2 plugin paths.

make sure the dll file is inside one of the paths or add it in the manager