Cubase is so weird. Anyone else?

Cubase is just plain goofy. If I leave it open overnight (say, 24 hours), and try to get back to my project, it become either non-responsive, or will ‘play’ on the timeline but outputs no audio, no meter activity, etc.

So, I have to close it to restart. BUT, the Cubase windows close, but Cubase remains open and unresponsive.

So, I have to RESTART MY FREAKING COMPUTER to free up my audio driver.

So F-ing frustrating to have to do this every day.

Anyone else?

Sounds like your computer is going to sleep and doing some power saving stuff over night. Have you checked your power settings? Also when you close Cubase you need to select close from the menu or ctrl Q. Closing the project window doesn’t shut down the whole program.

And, for what reason are you leaving Cubase open all night?

All power saving is off. My computer does not sleep. That is not the issue. The issue is Cubase is unresponsive.

“He wanted to!”

So I can get back into my project when I am able. Obviously it doesn’t work.

But trying to close Cubase even after a session isn’t a guarantee that Cubase will close. It may still become unresponsive and stuck.

I don’t know then. I can’t even get Cubase to stay open for a full session without it crashing so I’ve never had this problem!

It’s damn frustrating, isn’t it. Makes one want to dump Cubase and move to Studio One.

You hear that, Steinberg??!

Welcome to the world of real-time computing. Cubase wants/needs to be in constant communication with components on your computer, especially your Audio Interface. If that is interrupted then Cubase will hang. That’s why folks are bringing up sleep settings. And it’s good to have that all disabled, like you do, on a DAW. Yet you’re still having Cubase hang which suggests that none the less Cubase and the interface stop talking to each other.

Why would this be?

  1. You think you’ve disabled all the sleep/hibernate options, but missed one somewhere
  2. Some component(s) on the computer, completely outside your control, decide it’s OK to take a little nap when no one is looking

If I were betting on it, I’d go with 2. FYI this is a reason to get a computer from folks who build them for DAWs as they research all the components to make sure they function nicely in a real-time environment - something Dell doesn’t really care about.

Think you’re gonna need to get in the habit of shutting it down at night. Besides leaving an unused computer running all night full bore with nothing asleep has gotta be wasting a lot of carbon energy, if you care about that stuff. :wink:

This isn’t a Dell. It’s a built system from components.

I have already gone through the system to disable sleeping on everything in the device manager, so I doubt that’s the problem.

Besides, it will often hang when I try to exit the program after using it, requiring a computer restart.