Cubase is somehow recording headphone mix instead of input directly.

Hello i have just recently got into home recording and i have come up against a brick wall.
My problem is:

  1. I start a project, add a new track and record a voice (so far so good)
  2. I add a 2nd track (the only one armed) and record a second voice (playback on,ok in my headphones,so nice…)
  3. I listen to the 2nd track only (Solo switch on) and the first voice is in it aswell

I’ve tried with headphones volume at zero or unplugged while recording.
By the way, same problem with the metronom on: it’s recording on the track.

So it’s seems that for a unknown reason the playback is recorded

Any help will be most welcome. thank you.

What are you using to record? That is, what is your audio interface? Screen shots of your audio inputs screen might also help.

If your audio interface has a loopback function make sure it’s off.

im using the steinberg ur22mk2 and it doesn’t have a loopback function as far as i know

thanks for replying i need all the help i can get!

The manual (page 7) says there is a loopback function, toggled in the same window you select your sample rate.

oh thanks i diddnt see that ill let you know how it goes.

also do you know how to acess the window to switch the loopback function off. sorry im just really a newbie to all this.

yaaaaeeeessssssss thank you guys so much ive just fixed it!!!

You’re welcome, no problem. These things are rarely intuitive. Developing “technical assistance search techniques” is as important as musical skills sometimes! The forums, YouTube channels, Sound On Sound Magazine and others, not to mention the manuals, plus plain old hours on the DAW are all necessary in one fashion or another.