Cubase is the ULTIMATE Vibe Killer

I honestly can’t believe that we still, coming in 2023, have to somehow maintain our preferences, settings this that and the other to make sure they don’t get deleted, changed, reset.

What other software DAW or other destroys your settings after updates.
The amount of time one has to commit in even attempting to avoid it happening is only compounded when ooopps, I didn’t do the thing I shouldn’t have to do.
Oh, so all I have to do is set aside time to copy my settings and back them up, oooh ok well actually,

Open up the DAW cause you have an idea…BAM, NOPE. Your external instrument preferences got all reset. VIBE KILL
Wait, I hear no sound what happened? Search , look , test…oh the control room was deleted/reset. VIBE KILL
Wait, what happened to my i/o labels…oh ok, those got reset. VIBE KILL

Then the times you actually do backup and restore… guess what? NOPE
because you changed something in the update that now I have to redo my setting alll over again because the new update (not necessarily this one or every one) for some reason doesn’t work w/ the previous settings I had. Then you have the nerve to ask us to spend even more time helping YOU figure it out.
Then the audacity to keep releasing stuff no one asked for instead of what we actually do want and guess what , the new stuff doesn’t work correctly and you now have to devote resources to fixing the shiny new thing that’s already busted.
Busted GUIs, extra drop down triangles that do nothing, 5 extra clicks for something that was previously at your fingertips…

Then when you actually get a full, working session in…Bayum!
We are essentially paying for you to constantly and continually make things worse.
Hey ftr, “You can’t polish a turd” should not be used when referencing a “professional” DAW but that’s what Cubase is feeling like these days.
Holy turtle poop . I am at my wits end w/ this.
If you made it to the end, I commend you.

I have to say that isn’t my experience with cubase (windows 10 and MacOS) - apart from some (lots !) of unfortunate bugs it works great.

I assume when you say “you” you mean Steinberg ? This is a user forum - and I’m betting nobody from Steinberg will read (or care about?) your post. It always good to have a rant but not sure if that’s going to help you get it working.

I think it’s likely that whatever is causing your crash on exit is also responsible for your control room preferences not being saved.

If you don’t feel like finding the cause of your problems maybe it’s time to try something else ? You can download the FREE version of ProTools and see if that works better for you ? Or not, it’s your call.

You should open a ticket at Steinberg.
Even if there are some ‘normal software bugs’ and some conception flawness, Cubase is working great. I use it on W10 and W11.
Usually bugs get fixed sooner or later. For the laters, they became part of decorum and never has been show stoppers. :wink:
These forums are great to get help, many experienced people here will give advices that you are free to follow or disagree with.

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Going from version to version and updating point updates with NO windows updates has never caused me any issues like this, all my preferences and settings stay exactly as they are BUT i completely agree with you about the shiny new toy , if you made a remote script in 12.0 and you move to 12.4 it won’t work , if you move from 12.4 to .5 it won’t work because, as you say they haven’t completely thought out how they are going to do this thing . I have 4 controllers useless on the new fandangled system, but they work perfect on the Generic which doesn’t break from version to version.
As i mention everything else just works, if it doesn’t i have work arounds
12.0.50 is stable as hell, not one crash or lock up on exit here

Ohh come on that’s not exactly true, how many Steinberg employee’s come to the forum ? Oh maybe your right they are all hanging out in the remote section to care for their new script writing customers :rofl: :rofl:

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Agreed :slight_smile: - it’s just an annoying ploy by Steinberg meaning they don’t have to post here if they don’t want to.

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Now that is 100% correct, It’s a strange one, not an official Steinberg forum but it’s tied to the MYSteinberg account :rofl: Crafty buggers :rofl:


Instead of “deleted, changed, reset” I would put “corrupted”. Then I am with you. Very bad coding if your software can mess up your files. For how many years already?

This whole “please delete your preferences” reminds me of Atari TOS. If you overwrote a file on a disk it would first delete the old file and then write the new one. Of course, if something happened during the write process your file would be gone altogether.


Ive been using Cubase since 1999 and have never had these type of issues. I keep a consistent setup and usually I can open a blank project or one of my templates and I’m running within a minute. Maybe you have corrupted templates? Open up a ticket with Steinberg.