Cubase is Ugly

Ok. First of all. Before you come at me with your torches set at burn…I’m a O.G in this Cubase GAME! Do you remember that red parallel dongle? That’s what I thought.

Anyway. I left Cubase at version 6 for Logic because they had so many instruments bundled with the program that it was a no brainer. Logic was ugly. Like super ugly. I missed Cubase.

But Logic went to version 10 and then things got REAL. If you look at Cubase on a 4k 50" screen vs Logic on the same…it’s very jarring. Cubase is dead ugly. Like amateur looking. Like Reaper.

The even WEIRDER thing is load up Grove Agent 5. That does NOT look like Cubase. The GUI rendering looks at the same level as Logic.

Halion 7.
Again, that is a DIFFERENT GUI LANGUAGE than CUBASE and it looks MUCH BETTER.

Come at me bro. :joy:


Thanks for sharing your impression.


Screenshots or beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Really. Like really? That’s all you got? Do better.

Cubase is ugly. Its GUI rendering is not at the same level as the other programs from Steinberg.

And you offer me this silly little graphic.

I’m not talking about “beauty”. I’m talking about render density. I’m talking 'bout shading. I’m talking about stuff I obviously am NOT an expert in! :joy:

I’m just saying that the interface is not very pleasing. Not in 2024. It’s very strange. Like a Star Trek Interface.



A cliche, but there is a reason why phrases like this become cliches - it’s because they’re true. Women, for example. Some women deemed by the collective to be beautiful I find downright ugly. EG Sandra Bullock. Some people like straight lines, others prefer curves (I’ve stopped talking about women).
The overall impression I get with 13 (compared to 12 and earlier) is that’s it’s generally bolder. But if you’re staring at something for a while, it needs to be softer otherwise it will just be tiring and make your eyes ache. How that can be achieved I leave to the experts.
My monitor has the brightness turned down (-30 out of 100) and C13 is still too much.
Just some random impressions.


Oh the edit.

G. S.

I appreciate that. My thing is operations. Like I literally spent my life as an operations manager and Halion’s GUI gets more attention than Cubase does.

I’ve never managed a software company. I WILL however change the Synthesizer game with Seventh Generation Technology. That screenshot shows the goods.

Regardless. I just wish Cubase wasn’t so haphazard. I would not consider its graphics expert level.

Can’t argue with that.

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EXACTLY! I’m not against Cubase. I’m just wondering why is it so basic looking. Like why does it feel like the GUI “C” Team is on the job?

Speaking of ugly. The Montage M VST is next level ugly. I will give Steinberg the edge here. Yamaha has terrible GUI design language. Even in their physical products. The Montage M is kinda “ugly” compared to the Fantom.

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As we can talk between old farts, in my case, it would rather be Marilyn Monroe : never understood, since my teen years, why this all american dumb blonde caricature got so much attention, both physically and by her actor skills… :thinking:
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That’s the crux of the problem right there!

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This is what I meant to screen shot. I’m basic. Sue me.

Look at those faders and tell me that Halion’s faders aren’t rendered at 2x the detail level.


It appears you are with me. It just seem like there is no theme to what is going on. Just continually slapping on new features to a bad design.

Take that new vocal chain for example. That thing is so poorly designed that I can’t imagine a situation I wouldn’t pull up something with a much more simple interface.

Steinberg and some of the other software companies need to stop making pro software so hard. This stuff should be a joy. Not a pain.

Plus, fix the dang surround plugin in Halion. 3 years and counting.

I don’t find it ugly. It just feels utilitarian and like engineering software.

Busy - some may perceive it as cluttered, etc. It’s an acquired taste. Doesn’t quite evoke creativity, for me. More like a work tool.

Get in, get the job done and go on about my life.


A majority of the interface is removable. People can make it as busy or as spartan as they’d like.

I prefer the interface in v12 and before, but 13 is no where close to the ugliness of Reaper.

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I think Cubase is pretty sexy :slight_smile:


Reaper can use themes.
And there are some available that make it look like Cubase or Logic.

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It’s all in the eye of the beholder … and I refuse to buy anything by Apple, so Logic is not an option for me. But I have worked in Logic in a couple of studios and I find it so clumsy. I was told I was “old school” by a couple of the young guys when I said I used Cubase … and then promptly highlighted a couple of things I have to have in Cubase when I am working that are not in Logic.
One of them ate his words … and I hear is now using Cubase alongside Logic in his Studio. It’s really a case of “what gets the job done”.

You say you left at version 6 … wow that’s years ago. So much has changed. You don’t say that you have seen Pro 13?