Cubase issue with Superior Drummer 3

Good Morning folks,

first time post, so please bare with me, I had superior drummer 2 set up on cubase elements. I removed this when I purchased superior drummer 3. I had an issue with Cubase Elements recognizing and loading up superior drummer 3. I did try to add the following path C:\Program Files\Common Files\vst3\Toontrack in VST Manager but its still coming up with nothing its not picking it up. the DLL file is in that folder. also however my library is stored on my other hard drive due to the size of SD3 (does this cause a problem I wonder) Has anyone came up with this issue and if so how did you fix this?

I have my Superior Drummer 3.dll here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Toontrack

Maybe I added the \Toontrack folder manually, don’t remember, so look in the \VST3 folder if you don’t have one.

Thank you very much, I got it working very well