Cubase, it is loading infinitely (VST)


I am using cubase 10.5.

I just installed a new vst,
When I added a path (SSD) in [VST plug-in Manager],
When restarting Cubase, it is loading infinitely.
It has been loading for 8 hours. T-T

It seems to read all programs (games, visual basics, etc.) that are not related to’Plug-in / VST’.
‘Initializing: VST 2.x plugin -> Unrelated files’
I’m curious about a solution.

Below is the method I tried.
I didn’t solve all of them.

  1. Reinstall Cubase
  2. Run Safe Mode
  3. VST manager path change

Please help…

Hi and welcome,

There are 2 possibilities I have in mind:

  1. The plug-in is corrupted so it frozen while loading the new plug-in. The solution would be to remove the plug-in and start Cubase.

  2. You set a wrong path (maybe the whole C drive) to be scanned by Cubase for VST plug-ins. For this trashing Cubase preferences should solve it.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase _X__64