Cubase jumps to another track for no reason!


I have been having this problem before - as a matter of fact, I don’t think it ever was resolved.

The situation is that I want to edit the volume of a guitar track, when I touch the fader, immediately Cubase jumps to another track!

This IS a show stopper for me, please help!!

It might be Nektar keyboard + tracks named the same thing.

Try filtering all the channel types in mixconsole one out and seeing if the problem persists. Thats not a solution but it might point to what the problem is.

I was thinking it’s because you have the preference, Track Selection Follows Event Selection, enabled.

It was hard to see but it looked like the event was selected on the track it jumped to. Therefore the track selection is following event selection.


Thanks a lot for your answers!
It helped to disable the Track Selection Follows Event Selection!

But strange anyway because I never selected the track or any event when I experienced the problem.

Anyway now it works!