Cubase jumps to last track when performing track add/delete

I’m experiencing an annoying quirk of Cubase that I’ve noticed.

Each time I add a track or delete a track (doesn’t matter what type), the selection jumps to the last track. So let’s say I want to add a group track suitably placed in the middle of all my tracks (since it will link to some tracks above it), the group track is added in the correct place, but one that is selected by Cubase after the operation is the last track, causing it to jump, and causing me to have to scroll to the group track I just added in order to adjust anything or rename etc.

Anyone experience that?

Did you just notice this behavior? If so, try restarting CB. Mine will always highlight the added track and the track is added to the next slot under the highlighted track unless there is an option to add it differently. Ex: When adding a group channel… you have an option to add it either inside or outside of folder. CB still highlights that added folder no matter where it is.

When deleting a track Cubase always highlights the track/channel that is above the deleted track/channel.

Also, I did not notice a preference option to change this behavior.

Regards :sunglasses:

It’s been happening a while now, but I finally reached my tether with it!

Nobody else sees this quirk?

Something must be corrupted with my track operations.

Happens to me too, track ends up in the right place but screen shows the last tracks.

thanks for confirming - I find it very annoying when the screen voluntarily jumps and you need to adjust your eyes to the new view!

Yeah, now that you bring it up it has kind of annoyed me too from time to time:) I’ll muck about this weekend, see if I can find a solution (or indeed if it happens everytime:))

I am finding this so disruptive!! The larger my project gets (more tracks), the more annoying it becomes. You add a track and the screen jumps around, every time without fail. Very, very disruptive :frowning:

Mine does not do this any more, strange.

Good for you! Did you change anything? Was it only in a particular project that it occurred?

Unfortunately, the issue just wan’t there when I looked for it again, I did not do anything afaikm but revisting the projects and adding tracks worked as it should, not as it did before.
Sorry I can’t be of any help here :blush:

No problem, thanks anyway. I’m glad it stopped for you, driving me insane!

Did you ever manage to solve this? I’ve started experiencing it on Cubase 12. I have an old PC with a previous Cubase where it doesn’t happen, very frustrating.