Cubase keeps crashing every 5 Mins!!

i have no idea whats happened but for some reason cubase 6 just keeps crashing every 5 minutes.

even on projects where i have hardly anything going on.

i am working on a project at the moment with one instance of native instruments battery and 4 instances of massive and one audio channel and cubase crashes every 5 minutes or so.

i have a pile of work to get on with and cubase is being really annoying! can someone please help???

im using a pc with 2 quad core xeons and 4 gb of RAM with windows XP. cubase 6 has been absolutely fine until yesterday and ihavent installed anything new or changed my hardware in any way.

ive installed the latest pre-release update and all my other software is completely up to date.

Please guys, can someone offer some guidance.

im thinking of upgrading to windows 7 64 bit. been avoiding it cz i have a lot of software installed that will take days to reinstall but i think i’ll need to bite the bullet and just make it happen!!

anyone able to help with my constant crashing of cubase 6??

How much memory is Cubase using after you’ve opened a project you have a problem with and played with it for a while?

Could it be a specific plug-in?

Does even an empty project eventually crash if you let it sit there long enough?

As you say, upgrading to W7 64 (and getting some extra) memory is the way to go eventually with XP not being supported anymore.


I might be way off, but maybe it has something to do with auto save function. Try disabling it in general preferences.