Cubase Keeps Highlighting Events Above What I Clicked On!?

Please help me!!

When I click on a piece of audio (that is the exact same length as the one above it) they are for some reason linked!?
It’s hard to explain, but basically, I click on an audio event and the one above it highlights as well as the one I clicked on. Meaning I can’t delete one without the other being deleted too / move one without moving the other! It’s very frustrating and only recently started happening.

Is it a bug or have I accidentally and unknowingly clicked a setting to make Cubase link same length events?

Please let me know if you need more information. It’s hard to explain the issue.

In the image, I only clicked on the bottom audio. I didn’t highlight both!


Make sure, they are not grouped. Use Ungroup function.

Also make sure they are not in the same folder, where is Group Wiring enabled.

As easy as that! One click of a button. Thanks buddy!

Incase anyone else gets confused by this - one the folder track theres a button with two black lines like an = sign. If it’s orange its on. Turn it off.

Thanks Martin!

Thanks for this! Just had the same issue.