Cubase keeps opening on the wrong monitor

Is there any way to force Cubase to always start on the same monitor? Sometimes it starts on the correct one (the middle of three), but most often it starts on my left monitor. It’s a niggle, but it’s irritating to have to keep dragging the arrange window back to where it should be by default. I’ve tried switching the monitor cables around, but this hasn’t helped the situation much (actually, any). Thanks!

I’ve only got 2 screens and mine always opens in the same position on the left monitor. In fact, I believe that it starts at the position where I last closed it… I have my window stretched over the two screens.

Do you have some special graphics card mode running for 3 screens or are you using the ‘windows’ stretch over multiple screens? Not an expert here but I believe there’s different ways of spanning across multiple monitors, I’ve always just used the what I’d call the simple windows method. This is where apps think they’re just on a giant screen and the spanning is handled behind the scenes.

Also, have you downloaded the latest graphics drivers etc. Worthwhile if not.

I read somewhere that there’s a shortcut key to move a window between monitors, I think it’ might be something like Winkey+Shift+CursorLeft or CursorRight to move to prev or next screen. If you don’t solve the issue then this might speed things up.


I’m using a pair of GeForce 260 GTs, actually. Like I said, I’ve tried switching the cables around. Sometimes, Cubase will open on my left monitor… sometimes on the middle one. Mostly on the left, actually, and never on the right. There seems to be no predicting it, and it doesn’t seem dependent on which monitor I closed the application on. It almost seems like something else is messing with it, something inside of Windows. I don’t really know… :confused: