Cubase keeps working but there is no sound

Hey there,

Although I’m quite happy with C6 (besides the obvious track coloring case), I have a thing that I had with other cubase versions before as well. But with C5 it was gone and with C6 it’s back. I’m talking about the fact that all of a sudden (most of the time when I’m tweaking a plugin), the sound stops… No sound anymore, nothing.

When I close Cubase (which is not a problem) and start it again, everything works fine.

Does anybody have any idea what this could be ? I already gave the Firewire card the legacy driver, I’m working with 256 samplerate but it also happens on 4096 samplerate. I’m using Cubase 6 full version Upgrade (not that it matters though) on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, but with 32-bit version of Cubase. I’m using an M-Audio Profire 610 Firewire card.

Hope someone knows the answer to this weird thing.

I’ve had this with a few things, tends to be a plug in seems to crash the audio engine; certainly when using the CM SR202 the GUI seems to prompt this. Can you narrow it down to a specific plugin or activity?

I’m gonna try and see if the same plugin is the one that makes cubase crash…

Make sure Release ASIO Driver In Background isn’t checked in Device Setup.

That one isn’t checked Mashedkitten. But thanks for reminding me to check that :wink:

Weird. I had this exact issue yesterday and thought I was going crazy. I had just got and installed Cubase and it was fine, after a few restarts to try things out I suddenly had no sound. I could see the meters moving, I checked the VST connections, Control Room connections etc and all was exactly how it should be yet no output was actually occurring. I have no idea what to make of it.

Cool typo :laughing:

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Just remember who came up with it first :stuck_out_tongue: