Cubase Key Editor - Feature Request: Custom CC labels

Hey all, I’ve got a feature request for the Key Editor. It would be great to be able to use Custom Labels for Continuous Controllers. Some controllers such as Main Volume, Modulation, Sustain, etc… already have labels, but many others like CC12 - 15 are labelled “Control 12”, and others are “Gen Purp 1”, etc…

The reason this would be handy is the following: using Virtual Instruments for orchestral scores, I run into A LOT of CC-assignable buttons for parameters, so I end up assigning several of those “extra” CCs to control things like vibrato, auto-divisi mode ON/OFF, having scale runs go UP/DOWN, etc… It becomes very tedious to keep track of what each assigned CC controls on any given patch.

So, there it is. This would be an awesome feature and highly appreciated.