Cubase Keys or Midi expressions i have played play endlessly , cannot be stopped

Hey guys, So i have had a big problem with Cubase lately. I was working on scoring a film and wanted to use different articulations with Opus. I started trying to use the articulation map, but multiple times a note would just get stuck and literally play endlessly. THe only way i could turn it off was by deleting the VST itself. Now i have come back a few days later with the same problem, and now, even while i delete the VST, it just comes back. I have no idea what is causing this and really need help. Cubase has caused me more problems than any other DAW, but this takes the cake. I have attached a video showing it in detail.
Also, i do apolgize for ticked off tone in the video, i had been trying to solve this for over 2 hours over days and couldn’t find anything

I don’t know the reason for the stuck sounds but in order to end them you could try to send a MIDI Reset. It should be the last item in the MIDI menu.

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I can easily replicate what you are experiencing. I think the issue comes from not fully understanding how Expression Maps work in Cubase.
At some point I believe you had an Expression map selected for the Opus track in your video and that map was not properly configured for that instrument. I believe you had an Articulation in that map defined as “Direction” and that it was incorrectly mapped to a Note that in the instrument is not a key switch.
So to fix the issue, first remove the Expression Map from the track and then send a Reset command as described by @Johnny_Moneto above. Next, adjust your expression map to send note values that correspond to key switches in your Opus instrument, not playable notes.
If you need help on how to set up the expression map, let us know. (It’s not super intuitive imho.)


You were right, thank you so much !

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