Cubase kills sound!!

I’ve been having trouble with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo. Everything was working fine the night before but today I can’t get any playback. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers needed and tried ASIO4ALL, I’ve even tried a different USB cable. Still nothing.

I was listening to music before opening Cubase this morning to find this problem. After closing Cubase I now have no playback for the entire PC. Restarting fixes that problem but it still occurs after opening and closing Cubase.

Please note I’m not a tech-savy person, I don’t know what the specs of my PC are and I’m sorry if this is a problem for anyone trying to help me, I’m just a man who knows the basics of home recording just so I can record a few sh*tty demos for my band.

Please help. I’m at a total loss here

Thanks in advance!!

Hi and welcome,

Try to run Cubase in the Safe Start Mode, or trash preferences of Cubase, please.